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Why replace your roof when you can coat it at a fraction of the cost?

When it comes to Reflective Roof Coating, you have numerous options. At Weather-Tite, we use the highest quality industrial coatings that are tried, tested and proven. We ensure our customers get the best pricing—without giving up quality. Each coating has its unique benefits. Your Weather-Tite roofing consultant can discuss these advantages with you and help you decide which material is best.

Reflective Roof Coating are a great alternative to full roof replacements! Not only will they make your building more energy efficient, but they will extend the life of your roof from up to 20-years at fractions of the cost.

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A Reflective Roof Coating is both highly emissive and reflective.  Meaning that a reflective roof will transfer far less heat into your insulation and home or office when compared to a standard roof.  Roof coatings are an energy efficient way to help yourself, as well as your environment.

Roof Coating
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Benefits of Coating Your Roof

Applying a roof coating to your building comes with various advantages. Here are some of the main benefits:

Are You Ready for a Roof Coating System?​

If you’re ready to extend the life of your roof without the mess and expense of tearing off, a protective coating can be an excellent match for you. Our crew of craftsmen can install a brand-new roof equipped with a coating or can apply a new coating to your existing roof. If you’re experiencing leaks or other minor issues, our coatings can eliminate them while also cooling down your property and saving energy.

Protective Commercial Roofing

Weather Tite Roofing Systems has been serving Missouri business owners and homeowners since 2014 (with 10-years of roofing experience prior). Our expertise in roof restoration, renovation, and replacement comes with our wealth of knowledge. We are fully licensed and certified to install roof coatings on commercial and residential properties. The focus of our business is providing rock-solid results and building lasting relationships with our clients.

Enhance Your Roof

If you are looking for a Reflective Roof Coating that will insulate your business/home and save you money in the long run, then give Weather-Tite Roofing Systems a call today.